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The Marshall Project and Diversity


Read last year's report here.

This is our second annual diversity report, a chance to update the numbers, take note of significant developments in 2018, and lay out some plans and ambitions for 2019.

Our Progress this Year

In 2018 our main focus was identifying more diverse pools of talent and expanding the networks we use for hiring. We were able to make progress thanks to an increase in our budget, which allowed us to add staff.

Goals for Next Year

We will continue the diversity efforts of 2018, but we expect to focus in the coming year on inclusiveness—assuring that our obligation to diversify does not end with hiring, but is reflected in our culture, in opportunities for training and professional advancement and in our journalistic content. We have invited the staff to take part in the design and rollout of our inclusion programs.

The Numbers

We determine the racial and ethnic composition of our staff by asking them to self-identify. These numbers include full-time fellows but not interns.*

In 2019 we plan to seek information on the diversity of our freelancers—writers, photographers, videographers, etc.

The Marshall Project
White 51%
Black 17%
Two or more races 14%
Asian 9%
Hispanic/Latino 6%
Not Specified 3%
Female 57%
Male 43%
The Newsroom
White 50%
Two or more races 17%
Black 13%
Asian 8%
Hispanic/Latino 8%
Not Specified 4%
Female 54%
Male 46%
White 55%
Black 27%
Two or more races 9%
Asian 9%
Female 64%
Male 36%
The Board
White 71%
Black 21%
Asian 7%
Male 71%
Female 28%

Download a PDF of the report.

* The percentages in the charts have been rounded and may not add up to 100.