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Life Inside August 16
"This isn’t a place that provides treatment, help, or even empathy to those who suffer from stress, depression, and mental illness."
News July 30
Despite years of criticism, New Hampshire has no place but prison for the dangerously mentally ill.
News June 26
How one ambitious program aims to reduce crime by changing how repeat offenders think.
News June 7
As Andre Thomas faces execution for three gory murders, a court questions jury bias and his competency.
Commentary February 22
No, it’s not mental illness. It’s guns.
Feature February 15
Tennessee locks ailing, mentally ill, pregnant and juvenile prisoners in isolation to help jails save money.
News February 14
Johnson & Johnson uses the prospect of jail time to market a schizophrenia drug.
Case in Point January 29
Sometimes capital punishment is just the luck of the draw.
Life Inside January 4
A fretful prisoner struggles with an ever-growing list of symptoms.
The Frame October 25, 2017
In a new documentary, ‘The Work,’ inmates confront their fears in a quest for empathy.