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News and Awards June 19
Honored with the national prize for “Excellence in Video.”
Commentary June 19
“We have grown weary of worn-out debates over the feasibility of a world without prisons.”
News June 17
The House bill does something unprecedented: It blocks immigrants from citizenship based on their juvenile records.
News and Awards June 14
Torres will lead a new Marshall Project reporting initiative in the high incarceration states of the American South.
Life Inside June 13
“Even when a parent has been part of a child’s pain, that parent’s love can still be the antidote.”
Analysis June 13
For years they’ve pushed a radical vision of a world without prisons. Now, the mainstream is taking note.
News June 12
Craig Hicks' broad hatred of non-white people lay behind the 2015 crime.
Life Inside June 12
“Prison was where I grew to love one of the finest human beings I have ever known.”
News June 12
For the Muslim community in North Carolina, motive matters in 2015 student shootings.
Life Inside June 11
“In a way, it was like seeing myself clearly for the first time.”