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Commentary December 5
Why eliminating bail is bad for my industry, defendants and everyone else.
Life Inside November 29
I had never been locked up before. No one told me that prison would be so cold.
The Frame November 29
Brian L. Frank photographs young men in a California prison camp and on their journeys to freedom.
Q&A November 28
The Marshall Project’s Andrew Cohen on how he curates our popular morning newsletter and what’s changed in criminal justice news since it began four years ago.
Feature November 27
Our prisons are our mental wards. One fatal case in New York shows where that can lead.
Feature November 21
The Bureau of Prisons set higher standards for psychiatric care. But instead of helping more inmates, the agency dropped thousands from its caseload, data shows.
News November 20
Former inmates facing deportation place their hope in California's outgoing governor.
News November 19
The deadline for refunds is weeks away, but few know it.
Commentary November 19
Former attorney general’s directives make it easy to render federal action against abusive police departments ineffective.
News November 16
Too much? Too little? You be the judge.