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Nicole Lewis is a Tow Reporting Fellow. Before joining The Marshall Project Nicole wrote for The Washington Post's, "The Fact Checker" blog. She is a graduate of The University of Michigan and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She was the recipient of the 2016 Education Writers Association National Awards for Education Writing in magazine and feature writing for her contribution to a series on desegregation in the public school system.
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Twitter @nikki_lew
Analysis November 1
Our roundup: drugs, policing, juries, even slavery.
News October 2
At 16, one deadly punch sent him away for life. The Supreme Court gave him a second chance at freedom.
Analysis August 24
Action is limited so far, but organizers are cheering the media attention.
News July 17
With virtual reality, juvenile lifers practice for a world they may experience.
Life Inside May 24
“This is the path my life had to take so I could be strong.”
News May 18
Sentencing reforms still curbing mass incarceration, but some eye reversals.
News April 12
Bernard Noble, whose case became a symbol of harsh drug laws, walks out of a Louisiana prison.
Life Inside April 5
“Taking classes helped me forget that I wasn’t free.”
News March 28
Obama revived Pell grants for prisoners, but the program faces a cloudy future.
Looking Back March 1
How a landmark report on the 1960s race riots fell short on police reform