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News January 17
Here are nine ways the law-and-order president has smashed Obama’s legacy.
Feature March 30, 2017
Many veterans make careers in policing. Some bring war home.
News February 8, 2017
Donald Trump faces a fight on asset forfeiture.
Commentary January 30, 2017
Consent decrees can improve law enforcement even in cities that aren’t investigated.
Q&A January 29, 2017
The NYPD’s public opinion guru thinks so.
Justice Lab October 12, 2016
Training cops in the use of force.
News September 29, 2016
A new docu-series, ‘America Divided,’ explores inequality, issue by issue.
News September 20, 2016
In Chicago and elsewhere, rookies are cannon fodder while vets police the safer neighborhoods.
Q&A August 16, 2016
“It’s lunacy in an urban environment.”
Analysis August 2, 2016
A new generation of chiefs favors a lighter touch.
Life Inside July 14, 2016
“Men in suits would sit there and actually talk about what my husband's life was worth.”
Feature July 13, 2016
At a painful time, a roundup of proposed remedies
News July 12, 2016
Officers seize on the latest craze for fun — and plenty of safety tips.
Commentary July 11, 2016
On paper, he looked like a career criminal. But look closer.
News June 21, 2016
An attempt to find out confronts a frayed patchwork of data across the country.
Q&A May 25, 2016
Five shootings, a text scandal, a hunger strike, and now a new boss.
Feature May 24, 2016
A radical new interrogation technique is transforming the art of detective work: Shut up and let the suspect do the talking.
Feature May 4, 2016
David Clarke, the Trump-loving, pro-mass-incarceration Fox News favorite, is challenging criminal-justice reform—and stereotypes.
Life Inside April 21, 2016
Moral conflicts at every turn.
News March 16, 2016
After voters oust two prosecutors for failing to hold police accountable, maybe.
Commentary February 17, 2016
He thought the Fourth Amendment protected property, not people.
Feature February 3, 2016
In the aftermath of Michael Brown's death, St. Louis cops embrace crime-predicting software.
Q&A January 6, 2016
“There are two things cops don’t like – the way things are, and change.”
Q&A November 25, 2015
Revisiting a 30-year concept that is used to justify deadly force.
Feature October 16, 2015
Meet the elite chiefs who revolutionized policing nationwide, for better and for worse. Now they want to do it again.
Q&A July 23, 2015
Rule Number 1: Comply now, contest later.
News June 26, 2015
The law on cursing at cops.
Q&A June 11, 2015
A conversation with Atlanta’s Chief of Police, George Turner.
Feature May 26, 2015
As the Justice Department pushes reform, some changes don't last.
News May 2, 2015
The softer side of Justice Department intervention.
Q&A March 23, 2015
What a journalist’s seven-year walk around the world reveals about global policing.
News February 16, 2015
Boston cops weather the endless snow.
News February 4, 2015
And you thought it was only teenagers...
News January 8, 2015
A view from the corner.
Commentary December 19, 2014
Five ideas for reshaping law enforcement
Asked and Answered December 12, 2014
An Ohio cop of 17 years on drug laws, body cameras, and the police’s race problem.
Commentary December 9, 2014
Feds announce new racial profiling rules — and local police yawn
Looking Back December 8, 2014
A black woman stood up to white police, and made history.
Feature December 3, 2014
Bellying up to the arsenal.
News December 3, 2014
Some questions and answers about the city’s new mental health initiative.
News December 2, 2014
Can New York’s police learn to handle the mentally ill?
News November 25, 2014
10 must-reads from coverage of the decision, and the protests.