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News October 2
At 16, one deadly punch sent him away for life. The Supreme Court gave him a second chance at freedom.
News September 19
A new presidential appointee has quietly changed decades-old federal policies meant to improve racial disparities in youth incarceration.
Justice Lab August 14
Can neuroscience predict how likely someone is to commit another crime?
News August 12
For some, science is outpacing the High Court on juveniles and the death penalty.
Justice Lab July 31
How a ‘90s panic spawned an anti-crime measure that doesn’t make you safer.
News July 17
With virtual reality, juvenile lifers practice for a world they may experience.
Feature June 8
Can a violent adult jail teach kids to love school?
Life Inside March 29
“I felt like I aged 10 years just by doing 20 days in there.”
News March 28
Even after the high-profile death of Kalief Browder, jails in the rest of the state routinely isolate juveniles.
Commentary February 28
His “meaningful opportunity for release” came with impossible conditions.