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The Marshall Project is a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system.
The Marshall Project News and Awards
News and Awards June 19
Honored with the national prize for “Overall Excellence.”
A News Editor, Visual Projects Director, and Developer join our team.
News and Awards April 12
The Marshall Project’s groundbreaking video series recognized for its “innovative approach to storytelling”
News and Awards January 4
What we're doing to diversify our staff and board.
News and Awards August 16, 2017
If you believe in what we do, become a member today.
News and Awards April 25, 2017
He will report on the intersection of immigration and criminal justice.
News and Awards March 8, 2017
He was previously an award-winning crime reporter for The Baltimore Sun.
News and Awards February 8, 2017
Free, open-source software aids reporting by watching government websites for you.
News and Awards February 7, 2017
Honored with an “Ellie” for “General Excellence”.
News and Awards February 5, 2017
Ramsey was previously deputy editor at
News and Awards November 11, 2016
Why The Marshall Project Needs Your Support More Than Ever
News and Awards October 19, 2016
EndRun is now available to developers.
News and Awards September 26, 2016
Open-source reporting tool enables reporters to monitor websites for breaking news
News and Awards September 20, 2016
A video exploration of our criminal justice system.
News and Awards September 8, 2016
Isman previously worked as a software engineer at Google.
News and Awards April 18, 2016
“An Unbelievable Story of Rape” honored in the Explanatory Reporting category
News and Awards April 12, 2016
Society for News Design’s top digital award.
News and Awards February 23, 2016
Bogert was Deputy Executive Director for External Relations at Human Rights Watch.
News and Awards February 14, 2016
“An Unbelievable Story of Rape” honored in justice reporting category.
News and Awards November 15, 2014
Thurgood Marshall was a towering figure in the civil rights movement and the first African American justice to serve on the United States Supreme Court.