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First-person essays from those who work or live in the criminal justice system. Please send pitches for Life Inside to or mail them to us. We're looking for 1,000 to 1,400-word nonfiction stories about a vivid, surprising, personal experience you had with the system — whether you're a lawyer, prisoner, judge, victim, police officer, or otherwise work or live inside the system. Poetry, fiction, essays about experiences that are not directly related to criminal justice, and op-eds will not be accepted. Our honor roll recognizing Kickstarter donors who generously supported Life Inside can be viewed here.
Life Inside July 18
“What neither of us knew was that coming to prison would create new worlds for me to build.”
Life Inside July 11
“Despite everything I have accomplished, this is still happening to me.”
Life Inside June 27
“Panic ensued as everyone braced for the inevitable attack.”
Life Inside June 20
I achieved "hooch master” status—until one batch exploded.
Life Inside June 13
“Even when a parent has been part of a child’s pain, that parent’s love can still be the antidote.”
Life Inside June 12
“Prison was where I grew to love one of the finest human beings I have ever known.”
Life Inside June 11
“In a way, it was like seeing myself clearly for the first time.”
Life Inside June 10
“She saw a glimpse of me and what our life could be if I was free.”
Life Inside June 10
"We take turns holding the mirror to see each other. And we talk for hours."
Life Inside June 6
I had a shot at being the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Then I was convicted of murder.