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Feature September 24
How the United States created the largest immigrant detention system in the world.
Analysis August 28
Calls grow to create an independent court system that protects immigration judges from political pressure.
Analysis August 23
Most of the increase comes from immigration charges, not violent crime or drugs, a new report finds.
The Lowdown June 27
A proposal by Julián Castro would make unauthorized border crossing a civil offense, not a crime.
News June 18
About 750 federal inmates will be transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody starting in mid-July.
News May 8
‘Voluntary departure’ applications surge as immigrants decide it’s better to return to their native countries than languish in a detention facility.
News March 20
Dial-an-interpreter services rankle judges who want in-person translators.
Feature February 14
Tattoos, beards and past drug use are okay. What next?
Commentary January 15
We Are Witnesses: Becoming an American sparks a difficult but honest conversation about the U.S. immigration system.
Commentary January 14
The Marshall Project's new film series takes you inside the U.S. immigration system through personal, poignant testimonials.