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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
News June 1
Disproportionate use of force can turn a peaceful protest violent, research shows.
News May 28
The department allows officers to use choke holds barred in other cities.
News May 11
“A judge who deals with prosecutors every day is not going to say, ‘You intentionally discriminated on the basis of race, and you lied about it with pretextual reasons.’”
News April 23
Bail reform advocates are adapting in light of COVID-19 releases and the lessons from New York’s no-bail flop.
News March 2
Can Texas prisons really stop contraband by banning greeting cards?
News February 28
Officials have also pledged to install video cameras and microphones throughout the Catskills facility where the death occurred.
News February 25
New judges change courtroom culture as well as bail rules.
News February 11
Confronted with the photos’ lasting impact, some news websites no longer use them as click-bait.
News February 6
Secretive agency channels money from companies to cops.
News January 30
His lawyer said he remained in custody in an ICE detention facility.