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Beth Schwartzapfel is a staff writer. Her long-form reporting on the criminal justice system has appeared in Mother Jones, The American Prospect, and the Boston Review. She won the June 2014 Sidney Award, the 2016 James Aronson Award, and the 2016 John Jay College/H.F. Guggenheim Prize for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting, for which she was also runner up in 2014 and 2015.
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Life Inside January 3
“I had no idea if I would get caught. It didn't matter.”
Feature October 3, 2018
After passing a series of restrictive housing laws, Miami-Dade County faces an odd predicament: bands of nomadic sex offenders and a cat-and-mouse game to move them.
News August 12
For some, science is outpacing the High Court on juveniles and the death penalty.
News May 30
In prison, seeing the doctor can cost up to a month’s salary.
Feature May 22
Broadcom's Henry Nicholas is spending millions to give victims a bigger voice, but not everyone agrees.
Quiz April 23
Test your knowledge on the high-stakes market in information behind bars
News February 26
Court Watch NYC is the latest local group monitoring the criminal justice system as it happens.
News February 26
A federal judge considers $1 million in fines for one state’s “pervasive and intractable failures.”
News January 3
Soon after a Marshall Project story, the governor proposes changes to an “outdated” evidence law.
News November 21, 2017
Lawsuits say the practice severely penalizes those too poor to pay.