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Stories about, and excerpts from, the history of criminal justice.
Looking Back May 28
How the most notorious gangster of all got railroaded in Philadelphia.
Looking Back March 1
How a landmark report on the 1960s race riots fell short on police reform
Looking Back December 20, 2016
An extraordinary story of justice done, and what came after.
Looking Back September 14, 2016
Reliving the infamous Attica prison revolt and the bloody siege, minute-by-minute, in the social media age
Looking Back July 8, 2016
On criminal justice, Abner Mikva was about 20 years early.
Looking Back May 30, 2016
And he played drums in a prison band.
Looking Back April 27, 2016
The budding mogul had a soft spot (but a short memory) for wiseguys.
Looking Back February 26, 2016
To commemorate the anniversary of his death, we rounded up some of the best reporting and commentaries on that night in Florida, George Zimmerman’s trial and what came next.
Looking Back February 24, 2016
A hearing in San Antonio will revive the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
Looking Back July 14, 2015
The penal colony where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated was “a paradise by comparison.”
Looking Back July 2, 2015
A concurring opinion from the past
Looking Back May 21, 2015
Cook County Jail will soon be run by a mental health professional. And it’s not the first time.
Looking Back April 30, 2015
The life and death of Robert Utter, former state Supreme Court justice and death penalty opponent.
Looking Back March 13, 2015
The gruesome 18th Century legal case that turned a famed philosopher into a crusader for the innocent.
Looking Back December 29, 2014
How children became adults in the eyes of the law.
Looking Back December 8, 2014
A black woman stood up to white police, and made history.
Looking Back November 20, 2014
The case he didn’t expect to lose. And why it mattered that he did.