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Eli Hager is a staff writer covering juvenile justice, fines and fees, prosecutors and public defenders, and other issues. His work has appeared in The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Guardian, and elsewhere. He also edits The Marshall Project's "Life Inside" feature and is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Columbia University. In 2017, Eli was named a Livingston Award finalist for his investigation into private prisoner transportation.
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News September 19
A new presidential appointee has quietly changed decades-old federal policies meant to improve racial disparities in youth incarceration.
News August 13
A clash over evidence that could help defendants has wider implications.
News August 1
Do states have an obligation to educate formerly incarcerated people about their new rights?
Feature July 23
How Donald Trump’s war on immigrants is playing out in his hometown.
News June 26
How one ambitious program aims to reduce crime by changing how repeat offenders think.
News June 22
The administration is no longer separating them. Now more parents and children will be held at places like this.
Life Inside June 21
"I was made to feel like a second-class victim."
Feature June 8
Can a violent adult jail teach kids to love school?
News May 1
How the administration is turning child protection into law enforcement
News April 5
A prizewinning writer is punished for acting like a free man.