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Breaking down the rituals and routines of the criminal justice system.
The Lowdown September 25, 2016
Ahead of the presidential debate, setting the record straight on a hot-button immigration issue.
The Lowdown September 24, 2015
The paradox of “felony murder” laws.
The Lowdown August 28, 2015
Why people get sentenced to “weekend jail.”
The Lowdown August 13, 2015
What it takes to be a jailhouse lawyer.
The Lowdown June 25, 2015
For forensic artists, a sketch is more than just gray hair and wrinkles.
The Lowdown March 31, 2015
Why judges sometimes opt for sandwich boards, chicken suits, and other embarrassing punishments.
The Lowdown March 26, 2015
How some inmates hack, rewire, and retool their radios to create walkie-talkies.
The Lowdown February 12, 2015
How prison pen pal services became the new OkCupid.
The Lowdown February 11, 2015
Why they’re disappearing, which states still use them, and what really happens during those overnight visits.
The Lowdown January 29, 2015
The many ways we recycle vacant prisons.