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Maurice Chammah is a staff writer. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and elsewhere. He was a finalist for a 2014 Livingston Award for a story on the decline of the death penalty, and a 2011-2012 Fulbright fellow in Egypt. He plays the violin and has toured with the band Mother Falcon.
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News July 13
Scharlette Holdman, pioneering foe of the death penalty, dies at 70.
Feature May 22
Katie's father went to prison for raping her and her brothers. It was an unthinkable crime that broke her family apart. So why couldn't she remember it?
News April 10
The cases of the condemned capture much of the debate for and against the death penalty.
Life Inside March 30
A prison psychologist mourns a patient he tried to save.
News March 14
If it was just a crazy, drug-induced outburst, is it worth 7 years in prison?
Life Inside March 9
But only after two wrongly convicted men were set free.
Analysis February 22
Was he sentenced to death “because he is black”?
Life Inside February 16
‘I can’t touch him and comfort him.’
Q&A February 14
“He felt strongly that this was a gift, and the gift had to be earned.”
Life Inside February 2
Discipline at work, leniency at home—with doubts.
Q&A January 22
Talking to Chris Hansen as he revives his trademark stings.
News January 18
Two commutations this week was less than many had hoped for.
News December 12
Testing the reliability of video analysis.
News November 9
The president-elect may soon upend an Obama-era police reform tactic.
Crime on the Ballot November 9
Reform-minded candidates unseat incumbents in some races.
Crime on the Ballot November 1
Campaign ads in the age of criminal justice reform.
News October 23
Five Texas inmates say what they’d do differently.
Crime on the Ballot October 18
A battle in Tampa reflects a shift across the country.
Analysis October 14
The other quirk in the state’s death penalty system.
News October 5
Legislators won’t touch the subject, but courts are proving more sympathetic.
News September 22
A fund is designated to train, pay and advise American defense lawyers.
Analysis September 15
Her death at a Texas jail spurred a striking amount of reform talk across political lines.
News August 18
With the feds cutting back, the companies are down but not out.
Analysis August 14
As demographics change, a move toward mercy.
Life Inside July 28
Even when I was being paid in mackerel and stamps.
News July 27
Only if you look at very limited data.
Analysis July 18
The Republicans nod to reforms, then take a sharp right turn.
Feature June 28
How Renea Royster gives prisoners access to the digital world.
Life Inside June 23
And it got a million clicks.
Life Inside June 9
And it made me a different person.
Q&A June 7
Who knew cell phones had a smell?
Analysis May 25
White-on-black murders rarely result in a death sentence. Roof might be an exception.
Analysis May 23
The Supreme Court considers what it takes to show that prosecutors, when they pick juries, are discriminating against minorities.
The Frame May 16
A new book explores a time when Texas prisons promoted rehabilitation through a wildly successful radio show.
Q&A May 11
Rick Stevens on his three decades locked up and his return to performing.
News May 6
Milwaukee’s David Clarke is the latest in a long line of controversy-courting lawmen
Feature May 4
David Clarke, the Trump-loving, pro-mass-incarceration Fox News favorite, is challenging criminal-justice reform—and stereotypes.
News May 2
Some suspect “implicit bias” is not just a problem for police, prosecutors, and judges.
News April 28
Over the last 40 years, reversals have become commonplace.
News April 14
A new policy in Texas limits inmates’ access to social media, creating a First Amendment conundrum.
Analysis April 12
Only 4 states are currently carrying out lethal injections, and 10 are considering other methods.
Life Inside March 10
“If I could have done anything, it would have been to deadlock the jury, but I didn’t have the personal strength to do that.”
Looking Back February 24
A hearing in San Antonio will revive the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
Q&A February 23
The Oscar-nominated short ‘Last Day of Freedom’ traces the troubled life of a black veteran.
Commentary February 9
What you had to say about our latest story on predictive policing.
Feature February 3
In the aftermath of Michael Brown's death, St. Louis cops embrace crime-predicting software.
News February 2
Texas tackles debunked forensics.
Quiz February 2
Some judges say yes, some say no. Care to second guess?
Analysis January 12
Abolitionists seek the perfect case for a Supreme Court challenge.
Feature January 7
New programs are easing inmates out of years of solitary confinement with surprising outcomes for both prisoners and corrections officers.
News December 14
For 20 years, Burl Cain both punished and preached.
News December 7
Join us for a chat on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. about the state of the death penalty in 2015, and what's to come in 2016
Life Inside November 25
Cooking turkeys, building resumes.
News November 19
Supporters rally around a more efficient system of execution.
Q&A November 16
The man who helped topple it (briefly) in 1972 gauges the likelihood of success.
Analysis November 6
Not everybody is aboard the criminal justice reform bandwagon. Here’s why.
News October 22
Editor-in-Chief Bill Keller moderates a White House talk with law enforcement leaders.
Feature September 25
Germany allows inmates to wear their own clothes, cook their own meals, and have romantic visits. Could that work in the United States?
Feature September 21
You are about to enter Philadelphia’s largest jail. Here is what you should know.
News August 31
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it’s just doing its job.
News August 28
A grassroots effort aims to restore what the legislature just ended.
Justice Lab August 24
Science tries to catch up with the problem of ‘accelerated aging.’
News August 18
Another death penalty case, another accusation of misconduct.
News August 4
A new report and a growing phenomenon.
Life Inside July 31
The imagined journey of Steven Ray Epperson.
Feature July 9
Can the Abel Assessment tell if you're a potential child-molester?
Feature June 28
From the people who live and work there.
News June 22
How Germany does prison, day five.
News June 19
Inside the German prison system, day four.
News June 17
Blank stares and culture shock. How Germany does prison, day two.
News June 16
Americans on a mind-boggling incarceration road trip. Day One.
News June 3
States are raising the age of who counts as an adult, but it’s no simple task.
Feature June 3
An immigration trend changes the face of corrections.
Feature June 1
Three states, three ways to kill a human being.
News May 21
A new Texas governor, a new policy on prison rape.
News May 15
Like many states, the feds have trouble getting the killer drugs.
News May 15
Why Michigan prisoners aren't taking a video about prison rape seriously.
The Frame May 1
One man’s archive of a vanished culture.
News April 23
A hearing in San Antonio revives the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
News April 17
An immigration detention facility tries a new method for curbing sexual assault: Make the women dress differently.
News April 8
If police had recorded his interrogation, would Max Soffar be on death row?
News April 3
The Prison Rape Elimination Act is making its way into state prisons, but what about all those county jails?
The Lowdown March 26
How some inmates hack, rewire, and retool their radios to create walkie-talkies.
News March 16
A private prison company, a prison riot, and what comes next.
News March 11
Sex-offender laws are raising questions about the right to worship.
News March 10
Louisiana tried to sentence five men to death for the murder of a prison guard. It wasn’t cheap.
News February 25
A trial in Texas tests the limits of America’s sympathy for war-damaged vets.
Feature February 25
What happens when you throw a teenager into an adult prison? Guess.
News February 20
How Academy Award-nominated films have handled, and mishandled, criminal justice.
News January 31
Who’s selling what to the executioner?
Justice Lab January 29
Why are IQ scores still being used to determine who is fit to be executed?
News January 27
A new report details abuse of blind, deaf and disabled inmates in a Texas prison.
News January 16
Lawyer v. Court. Guess who wins?
News January 12
The great (make-believe) Ebola outbreak.
News January 7
The attorney general’s last word.
News December 17
Experts, experts and more experts.
Feature December 17
The public supports it, but the costs are lethal.
News December 15
Does he belong in a prison or a hospital?
News December 1
Conservative stalwarts urge Texas to spare Scott Panetti.
News December 1
The impending execution of Scott Panetti and the search for a standard of sanity.
News December 1
Protecting doctors who testify for lethal injections.