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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
Q&A November 28
The Marshall Project’s Andrew Cohen on how he curates our popular morning newsletter and what’s changed in criminal justice news since it began four years ago.
Q&A June 19
Yes, it’s Trump policy. No, it’s not the law.
Q&A June 18
The CNN host defends his involvement with a controversial prison reform bill and the Trump White House.
Q&A March 21
A husband and wife want to upend how we talk about wrongful convictions.
Q&A November 15, 2017
Is it rising or declining? Does it matter?
Q&A November 9, 2017
The creators of the podcast from San Quentin talk about what they learned in their first go-round.
Q&A October 2, 2017
A new book explores the slow demise of the ultimate punishment.
Q&A June 12, 2017
The inmate-produced show will tell intimate stories of daily life behind bars.
Q&A February 16, 2017
An advocate (and survivor) makes the case for another approach.
Q&A February 14, 2017
“He felt strongly that this was a gift, and the gift had to be earned.”