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Feature June 6
Left and right came together on criminal justice reform. Then Trump happened.
News May 16
Some D.A.’s urge new discretion on pleas, sentences.
News May 10
Here’s what you need to know about the “Tuesday Night Massacre.”
Analysis March 2
A softer tone from the White House belies a harsher reality.
Analysis February 20
Where the local lawmen serve as immigration enforcers.
Commentary February 16
It’s the easiest drug to traffic in small batches, and it is very lucrative.
Analysis January 31
Trump’s nominee has the ideology without the temper.
Graphics January 31
Hundreds of thousands of people from seven barred nations live in all parts of the U.S.
Analysis January 19
Also civil rights enforcement and legal aid for the poor.
Analysis January 10
Senator laments a “corrosion of respect” for police in first day of testimony centered on crime and punishment.
Analysis December 16
Four reasons a bipartisan bill has a better chance than you think
News November 18
From police to prosecutions to prisons, the AG holds wide sway.
News November 9
The president-elect may soon upend an Obama-era police reform tactic.