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Analysis of criminal justice published by The Marshall Project.
Analysis January 9
A tip led us to a little-known program that affected hundreds of poor workers.
Analysis December 13, 2019
An eerily similar crime in New York this week will test public attitudes about juvenile justice.
Analysis November 26, 2019
Gender has passed religion and sexual orientation as one of the most common motivations behind hate crimes, but recognizing it is a challenge for many police departments.
Analysis November 14, 2019
How “free Mets tickets” for teens became a flashpoint in debate over looming bail reform law.
Analysis September 23, 2019
A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of a program that encourages local police cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.
Analysis August 28, 2019
Calls grow to create an independent court system that protects immigration judges from political pressure.
Analysis August 23, 2019
Most of the increase comes from immigration charges, not violent crime or drugs, a new report finds.
Analysis August 9, 2019
If it sounds too good to be true, legal experts say, it probably is.
Analysis August 2, 2019
Democratic debates show how far the conversation has come on justice reform.
Analysis June 13, 2019
For years they’ve pushed a radical vision of a world without prisons. Now, the mainstream is taking note.