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Smoke Screen | Just Say You’re Sorry | From Sony Music and The Marshall Project

Lying. Hypnotizing. Gaslighting. Did Texas’ “serial killer whisperer” and his questionable tactics ensnare an innocent man?
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A sheriff hat and badge on a cream-colored background that includes a document from the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Episode 01

In a Texas Cold Case, a Potential Murder Witness Slowly Realizes He’s a Suspect

In ‘Just Say You’re Sorry,’ a new Marshall Project podcast, we meet a famed Texas Ranger and a prisoner who says he was railroaded.
A police sketch of a face on a cream background layered on top of court documents
Episode 02

To Solve a Young Mother’s Death, a Celebrated Texas Ranger Turns to Hypnosis

In Episode 2 of “Just Say You’re Sorry,” we dig into Ranger James Holland’s past and follow the twists and turns that lead him to Larry Driskill.
Episode 03

Listen as a Texas Ranger Uses Lies to Extract a Questionable Murder Confession

Hear how James Holland gradually convinces Larry Driskill to question his own memory — and narrate a murder he still insists he didn’t commit.
Episode 04

An All-Night, Pizza-Fueled Interrogation. A Dubious Confession. A DNA Surprise.

Hear Texas Ranger James Holland use familiar tactics to convince another man to confess to a murder he vehemently denies. But this time, there’s DNA.
Episode 05

As a Texas Ranger Gains National Fame, His Interrogations Draw Skepticism

James Holland’s star rises after he coaxes killer Samuel Little to confess to 90 murders. But his work in Larry Driskill’s case comes into question.
Episode 06

When a Conviction is Challenged, What Do We Owe the Victim’s Family?

In the final episode of “Just Say You’re Sorry,” we consider what cases like Larry Driskill’s mean for families like Bobbie Sue Hill’s.


Reporter / Host Maurice Chammah

Senior Producer Tom Fuller

Producer Georgia Mills

Story Editor Peggy Sutton

Executive Producer / Editor Dave Anderson

Development Producer Cheeka Eyers

Executive Producers Maurice Chammah and Akiba Solomon

Production Manager Ike Egbetola

Fact Checker Natsumi Ajisaka

Original Music By Graham Reynolds

Mixer / Sound Designer Charlie Brandon-King

Studio Engineers Josh Gibbs, Gulliver Lawrence Tickell, Jay Beale and Teddy Riley

Additional Recording By Ryan Katz

“Smoke Screen - Just Say You’re Sorry” is a production of Somethin’ Else, The Marshall Project and Sony Music Entertainment.

Special thanks to Jez Nelson, Ruth Baldwin and Susan Chira.