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Smoke Screen | Just Say You’re Sorry | From Sony Music and The Marshall Project

Lying. Hypnotizing. Gaslighting. Did Texas’ “serial killer whisperer” and his questionable tactics ensnare an innocent man?
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Reporter / Host Maurice Chammah

Senior Producer Tom Fuller

Producer Georgia Mills

Story Editor Peggy Sutton

Executive Producer / Editor Dave Anderson

Development Producer Cheeka Eyers

Executive Producers Maurice Chammah and Akiba Solomon

Production Manager Ike Egbetola

Fact Checker Natsumi Ajisaka

Original Music By Graham Reynolds

Mixer / Sound Designer Charlie Brandon-King

Studio Engineers Josh Gibbs, Gulliver Lawrence Tickell, Jay Beale and Teddy Riley

Additional Recording By Ryan Katz

“Smoke Screen - Just Say You’re Sorry” is a production of Somethin’ Else, The Marshall Project and Sony Music Entertainment.

Special thanks to Jez Nelson, Ruth Baldwin and Susan Chira.