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Tom Meagher is the deputy managing editor. A veteran reporter and editor, he previously led an interactive team for the Digital First Media newspaper chain and was the data editor at the Newark Star-Ledger. His first reporting job was covering night cops for a small daily paper in Kansas. His reporting at The Marshall Project on crime trends won a Data Journalism Award, and his work on The Next To Die covering executions in America received the international Malofiej's first Human Rights special award.
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Q&A November 15, 2017
Is it rising or declining? Does it matter?
Analysis October 18, 2017
Recent court rulings and start-stop access to lethal drugs push numbers up this year.
News August 9, 2017
You can go to prison in Florida for a $300 crime, but it’s $2,500 in Wisconsin.
News July 18, 2017
A new study examines the lingering impact of war-on-crime policies.
Feature March 30, 2017
Many veterans make careers in policing. Some bring war home.
News February 5, 2017
A California law offers a way for states to reshape troubled departments.
Graphics January 31, 2017
Hundreds of thousands of people from seven barred nations live in all parts of the U.S.
The Frame December 21, 2016
Buses bring holiday visitors to the women in an Illinois correctional center.
Feature December 12, 2016
Welcome to Stewart Detention Center, the black hole of the immigration system.
Feature December 7, 2016
Judges have uniquely uncommon power in the state.
News November 9, 2016
The president-elect may soon upend an Obama-era police reform tactic.
Analysis October 20, 2016
This time, a survey of crime victims
Crime on the Ballot October 19, 2016
Nebraska, Oklahoma, and California will test the prospects of abolition.
Analysis October 14, 2016
The other quirk in the state’s death penalty system.
Feature September 28, 2016
Violent crime is up in some places, but is it really a trend?
Looking Back September 14, 2016
Reliving the infamous Attica prison revolt and the bloody siege, minute-by-minute, in the social media age
News July 27, 2016
Only if you look at very limited data.
Analysis June 30, 2016
We’re in the middle of one of the longest death penalty lulls in 24 years.
Analysis June 14, 2016
Six reasons you’re likely to be disappointed
Analysis May 15, 2016
And the government can’t either.
Analysis April 26, 2016
84 federal vacancies, and a glacial confirmation rate, put extra stress on some districts
Analysis April 12, 2016
Only 4 states are currently carrying out lethal injections, and 10 are considering other methods.
News April 5, 2016
Operating under federal oversight, officers will be scrutinized for how they use force.
Justice Lab March 23, 2016
Pew researchers release a new prison scorecard, but it ain’t perfect.
News February 4, 2016
Few holdouts remain, as drug-war-era bans on benefits are lifted.
Feature January 27, 2016
Jhon Sanchez already served his time for a series of sex offenses he committed when he was 13. But he’s not free yet. Inside the world of civil commitment.
Feature January 4, 2016
At 16, Taurus Buchanan threw one deadly punch—and was sent away for life. Will the Supreme Court give him, and hundreds like him, a chance at freedom?
News December 18, 2015
It depends on who is counting, and what they count.
News December 7, 2015
Join us for a chat on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. about the state of the death penalty in 2015, and what's to come in 2016
Feature September 18, 2015
Tracking scheduled executions around the country.
News August 4, 2015
A new report and a growing phenomenon.
Feature July 10, 2015
Inside the secretive world of parole boards, where your freedom may depend on politics and whim.
Feature June 17, 2015
In Texas, staffers rarely go to jail for sexually abusing inmates.
Feature June 11, 2015
What happens when prisoners go from complete isolation to complete freedom in a day?
News June 5, 2015
In Mississippi prisons last year, half the officers quit.
Feature May 26, 2015
As the Justice Department pushes reform, some changes don't last.
News May 19, 2015
Is it time to dismantle the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?
Q&A April 2, 2015
“Every year, more than 5,000 murderers walk free.”
Feature March 30, 2015
A closer look at the Sunshine State’s history of undercounting, or altogether ignoring, sexual abuse in its prisons.
Graphics February 12, 2015
Reading between the line items of Department of Justice budgets, past and present.
News January 21, 2015
A close look at the language of past State of the Union speeches.
News January 15, 2015
The FAA recruits local cops to police drones.
Graphics December 19, 2014
The shrink-the-prisons movement hasn’t moved the numbers.
Graphics December 5, 2014
Just pay shipping and handling.
Feature December 3, 2014
Bellying up to the arsenal.
Feature November 25, 2014
A closer look at the Ohio city that everyone is touting as the model of police-community harmony.
Feature November 16, 2014
When lawyers stumble, only their clients fall.
Feature November 15, 2014
How bad lawyering and an unforgiving law cost condemned men their last appeal.