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Tom Meagher is a senior editor. His reporting at The Marshall Project has been honored with a Data Journalism Award and the international Malofiej's first human rights special award. Under his editing, The Marshall Project has won the National Magazine Awards for Best Website twice and another time for digital innovation, as well as the Online Journalism Award for General Excellence. A veteran reporter and editor, he previously led an interactive team for the Digital First Media newspaper chain and was the data editor at the Newark Star-Ledger. He got his start in journalism covering night cops for a small daily paper in Kansas.
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Lance Lowry, who recently retired after 20 years as a corrections officer, outside the Huntsville Unit in Texas.
News November 1
Fewer guards lead to more lockdowns, rising tensions and scant access to healthcare.
During the 1971 uprising at Attica State Prison, prisoners wearing cloaks and football helmets, some of them with makeshift weapons, waited to negotiate their demands with state officials.
Looking Back September 14
The infamous 1971 prison revolt ended with a bloody police siege. We retell the story, minute-by-minute.
A man from a nearby prison was shackled to the bed in a Rhode Island hospital while being treated with a ventilator for COVID-19 in the intensive care unit in December.
Coronavirus June 30
People who live and work in prisons worry they remain vulnerable, even as life behind bars returns to business as usual.
Coronavirus June 24
The Marshall Project and The Associated Press collected data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons every week. See how the virus affected correctional facilities near you.
Kareen Troitino, the corrections officer union president for FCI Miami, stands outside the federal prison on March 12, 2021.
Public health experts worry that high refusal rates could undermine efforts to control the pandemic inside and outside of prisons.
Death Sentences February 10
The Marshall Project tracked every execution in America for more than five years. For condemned people, the path to death grew longer, more winding and erratic.
Feature August 13, 2020
U.S. Marshals are transporting prisoners without testing them for coronavirus
Prisoners at the Macomb Correctional Facility in New Haven, Mich., in 2016. Michigan is one of the only states that has tested every single prisoner for COVID-19.
Coronavirus May 28, 2020
Some prison systems aren’t collecting race data. Others won’t disclose it. Experts say these are big mistakes.
Melissa Ann Horn, right, died of COVID-19 while incarcerated in Virginia. She is pictured here with her daughter, Brittany Brown.
Coronavirus May 14, 2020
Fatal victims illuminate women’s unique problems in prison, and the all-too-common ways they get there in the first place.
Coronavirus April 24, 2020
A new Marshall Project effort has collected data on the prevalence of COVID-19 among prisoners and prison staff. Here's what we know after one month of reporting.