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Alysia Santo is a staff writer. Her investigative reporting on the criminal justice system has appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere. She was a finalist for the Livingston Award in both 2016 and 2017 and a runner-up for the 2016 John Jay College/H.F. Guggenheim Prize for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting.
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Life Inside February 15
"The only right you have, I told him, is to make it home alive."
News November 9, 2017
When women report abuse from the men in their custody.
News October 10, 2017
The Marshall Project teams up with Teen Vogue to listen.
Feature September 24, 2017
By reframing the issue around the evils of big government, Republicans are notching victories that have eluded more liberal legislatures.
News August 25, 2017
“These guys were absolutely jaw-dropping in their incompetence.”
News June 6, 2017
Almost a year after our story, a preliminary investigation looks closely at one case.
Life Inside June 1, 2017
A small business owner fights back against changes in the bail industry.
News May 17, 2017
Without it, state compensation funds would again bear more of the burden.
News April 26, 2017
Rep. Ted Deutch, a Florida Democrat, keeps up pressure on the House.
Life Inside April 20, 2017
One ex-inmate’s view of a comfy 6-month stay.
News March 23, 2017
Federal officials promised last year to look into the mistreatment of detainees, but little has changed.
Feature March 9, 2017
How California's pay-to-stay jails create a two-tiered justice system.
News December 7, 2016
It is the latest call for an investigation of the for-profit extradition industry.
News November 18, 2016
From police to prosecutions to prisons, the AG holds wide sway.
News September 13, 2016
A federal statute from the Carter era favors negotiation, but that can take a long time.
News August 23, 2016
They’re using charity to set poor defendants free.
Q&A August 10, 2016
“All judges are human beings under that robe.”
News August 9, 2016
A proposed deal between Prisoner Transportation Services and its closest rival is delayed after an objection is filed.
News August 5, 2016
The moves by Prisoner Transportation Services come a month after a Marshall Project story.
Feature July 6, 2016
Tens of thousands of people every year are packed into vans run by for-profit companies with almost no oversight.
Investigate Your State July 6, 2016
Help us localize our national story on this for-profit industry.
News June 29, 2016
A star of reality TV, Beth Chapman takes on those who say money bail is unfair.
News June 19, 2016
Some defense lawyers have learned to specialize in the realm of excess.
The Frame May 3, 2016
An encounter with the Bard transforms a troupe of inmate actors.
Life Inside April 7, 2016
“At the end of my life, I’d like to know that I wasn’t responsible for Lewis Clay spending his final days in prison.”
Feature February 28, 2016
Listening in on watercooler chatter online.
Q&A February 17, 2016
‘There was nothing I could do with him being in there.’
News February 16, 2016
The work is based on years of letters between Julia Steele Allen and Sara Fonseca.
News January 27, 2016
Three inmates had a 16-hour head start after fleeing lock-up that had ‘poor supervision.'
News December 28, 2015
A 5-year turnaround is cited as a model of prevention.
News December 22, 2015
The Louisville jail holds an annual competition to bring cheer to a tough time of year
News November 12, 2015
‘Is there any better way than money’?
News October 26, 2015
Inside Utah’s troubled indigent defense system.
News October 22, 2015
Editor-in-Chief Bill Keller moderates a White House talk with law enforcement leaders.
News October 20, 2015
Amid abuse charges, union acts to ‘protect our officers.’
News October 1, 2015
Alec Karakatsanis’s quest to stop courts from punishing poor people who can’t pay their fees.
Q&A September 1, 2015
A history professor examines an American phenomenon.
News August 23, 2015
Barehanded, inmates are ordered to grip a metal fence in 10-degree weather.
News August 17, 2015
In New York, darkened car windows lead to more police encounters than stop and frisk.
News August 7, 2015
How a Tennessee judge ensured that an accused cop-killer would not go free.
News July 8, 2015
But the new program would not have helped Kalief Browder.
Life Inside July 7, 2015
The ongoing fight for more, and better, prison food.
News July 1, 2015
When cigarettes are outlawed, only outlaws have cigarettes.
Feature June 28, 2015
From the people who live and work there.
Feature June 17, 2015
In Texas, staffers rarely go to jail for sexually abusing inmates.
News June 9, 2015
A system that kept a teenager in Rikers for three years.
News June 2, 2015
The rule says no solitary for kids. The staff finds a loophole.
News May 15, 2015
Today marks the deadline for states to comply with prison rape laws. The results? More are, some may not be, and most just want an extension.
News May 12, 2015
A new Human Rights Watch report assesses use of force behind bars.
News April 24, 2015
A police officer makes the case for keeping your distance.
News April 2, 2015
A closer look at a favorite (and unreliable) law-enforcement tool: drug field tests.
Feature March 30, 2015
A closer look at the Sunshine State’s history of undercounting, or altogether ignoring, sexual abuse in its prisons.
Feature March 18, 2015
Three days in Room 19E2, Bellevue Hospital.
Feature February 23, 2015
The bail industry wants to be your jailer.
News February 18, 2015
It’s not just about bad haircuts and peanut butter.
News February 17, 2015
Is Vivitrol an answer to addiction? A drug-plagued county thinks so.
News February 4, 2015
Inside the world of “murderabilia.”
The Lowdown January 29, 2015
The many ways we recycle vacant prisons.
Q&A January 12, 2015
Inmate-turned-journalist Paul Wright on what he’s learned in his 25 years covering the prison system.
Feature December 22, 2014
The very sleep-deprived life of a corrections officer.
News December 17, 2014
Do prison inmates have a right to privacy?
News December 9, 2014
Prison inmates are dying of cold. Why?