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Introducing “The System”

Our new limited-run email series explores how the criminal justice system actually works.

Today The Marshall Project launches “The System,” a new limited-run newsletter that explores different facets of our criminal justice system.

Through years of reporting and lived experience, our staff understands how complex the justice system actually is, and how hard it can be to navigate and decipher. In “The System,” we’re casting a light onto some of the most common, but frequently misunderstood, issues—from race and policing, to the difference between prisons and jails, to better understanding cash bail.

Each strikingly designed newsletter gives historical context, a breakdown of current practices and an overview of policy ideas and proposals. Along with essential stats and facts, we’ve pulled from our own reporting to bring you the voices and experiences of people inside or affected by the criminal justice system. Sign up here.

Each week, you will receive one or two emails covering the following topics:

To better understand the current realities of the America criminal justice system, and its potential for transformation, there’s no better starting point than “The System.”