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July, 2023

4 Reasons We Should Worry About Missing Crime Data
A New Law Gave Me 1 Year With My Babies Before Heading to Prison. How Will I Say Goodbye?
A Texas Jail Delayed My Prenatal Care to Keep Costs Down. Then I Had a Miscarriage.
Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.
‘Concrete Coffins’: Surviving Extreme Heat Behind Bars
Cuyahoga Judge May Be the Only One Using Receivers, Costing Divorcing Couples Thousands
For Many, a Lawyer Is a Luxury Out of Reach
How One Alabama County Declared War on Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs
It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s the Police Responding to a 911 Call.
Mississippi Says Poor Defendants Must Always Have a Lawyer. Few Courts Are Ready to Deliver
Students Behind Bars Regain Access to College Financial Aid
These States Are Using Fetal Personhood to Put Women Behind Bars
‘This is Major Trauma’: New Accounts of Abuse at Federal Prison Prompt Calls for Investigations
While Doing Time in a California Prison, I Was Given a Hysterectomy Without My Consent
Why DeSantis Wants to Kill Trump’s Prison Reform Law