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January, 2024

Annaliese Griffin Named Newsletter Editor; Rachel Kincaid Becomes Newsletter Strategist
Arrested in Mississippi’s Hinds County? What You Need to Know.
Brittany Hailer Joins The Marshall Project - Cleveland as Staff Writer
Federal Prisons Are Over Capacity — Yet Efforts to Ease Overcrowding Are Ending
How a Borrowed Blazer, Tie and Dress Shirt Helped Me See Myself as a Man, Not a Prisoner
How Cuyahoga County Picks Attorneys to Represent Children
How the Police and Vigilante Killings of Black People Have Forced Me to Look Inside
More Police Are Using Your Cameras for Video Evidence
New Data Shows How Dire the Prison Staffing Shortage Really Is
New Execution Methods, Old Problems
Texas vs. the USA: Inside the Immigration Showdown
The 5 Most Powerful People in Mississippi’s Hinds County Justice System
The Marshall Project: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, 2023
Trans People in Florida Prisons Say Gender-Affirming Care Ban Upended Their Health Care
Vomiting, Seizures, Stroke: What Could Happen in the First Nitrogen Execution in the U.S.
What Happens in Mississippi’s Hinds County Felony Court, 48 Hours After Arrest