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April, 2024

He Faces Execution. His Lawyers May Have Earned Less Than $4 per Hour.
How Campus Protests Could Shape the 2024 Elections — And Not Just the Presidency
How Mississippi’s Jim Crow Laws Still Haunt Black Voters Today
I Had a Tough Job at My Brooklyn Jail: Keeping Men From Taking Their Own Lives
I Made 13 Cents an Hour as a Prison Janitor. Here’s Why I Donated My Wages to Gaza Relief
Michelle Billman joins The Marshall Project as Partnership and Engagement Associate
News Inside Ohio Focus: Juvenile Justice and Reentry Support
Officials Failed to Act When COVID Hit Prisons. A New Study Shows the Deadly Cost.
Terror, Murder and Jim Crow Laws: Inside Mississippi’s Racial Voter Intimidation History
The Enduring Use of Solitary, and New Proposed Limits That Will Likely Fail (Again)
The Marshall Project Wins Prestigious National Magazine Award for General Excellence
The Parents Paying for Their Children’s Crimes
They Killed Their Abusive Partners. Now Their Sentences Could Be Reconsidered.
This Supreme Court Case on Homelessness May Limit Prisoner Rights and Expand Executions
What an Eclipse Lockdown Reveals about Dignity in Prisons and Jails
What Being Trans in Prison Is Really Like