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June, 2024

5 Takeaways From Our Series on St. Louis Homicide Investigations
A Criminal Justice Journalist Wrestles With Doubts in the Jury Box
A Jury of Trump’s Peers Weighs In
As Murders Increased, St. Louis Police Struggled for Resources to Solve Cases
Behind the Black Shield: The History of a Cleveland Institution
How Abortion’s Legal Landscape Post-Roe is Causing Fear and Confusion
How We Reported on Homicide Investigations in St. Louis
In St. Louis, a Racial Disparity in Whose Killings Get Solved
Modernized HIV Laws Proposed for Ohio
More States Restricting ‘Excited Delirium’ as Cause of Death in Police Custody
Serving Time for Their Abusers’ Crimes
Some St. Louis Detectives May Have Botched Homicide Investigations
St. Louis Homicide Cases Often Go Unsolved. Victims’ Families Want Justice.
The Minneapolis Cop Who Beat Him Pleaded Guilty. He Still Fears the Department Won’t Change.
They Were in a Mental Health Crisis at a Hospital. This Is How They Landed in Jail.
Why 1,000 Homicides in St. Louis Remain Unsolved
Why Some States are Trying to Get People Medicaid Before They Leave Prison