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Portrait of Daryl T. Dennie
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Daryl T. Dennie

Candidate insights
  • Criminal defense attorney and public defender.
  • Said his decisions as a judge would be based on the law, applied impartially because: "I know what bias looks like, and I know the damage caused by it."
Sitting Judge?
Admitted to practice law in Ohio
Previous jobs
Public defender, Prosecutor, Private practice (criminal), Private practice (civil)

You asked. They answered.

Daryl T. Dennie's responses to questions from the community.

As a judge, one tool you have is discretion. In one or two sentences, how will you use it?

Discretion may be the most valuable tool a judge has. Discretion denotes alternatives. I will use my discretion in every decision made to insure I am making the most fair and reasonable ruling or decision on the issue before me.

How would you keep your own biases and personal beliefs in check when deciding cases involving people of different races, economic or social backgrounds, identities or life experiences?

I strongly promote equal access to justice. I know what bias looks like, and I know the damage caused by it. My decisions will be based on the law as applied with fairness and impartiality.

In recent years, Cuyahoga has made reforms to its bail system and reduced reliance on cash bail. Have they gone too far or not far enough? Why?

As a practicing criminal defense attorney, now public defender, I have argued for bond reductions many times. Bonds have gotten better, however there are many instances where a low 10% bond is too much for a client to pay and they sit in county jail because they simply have no money. Yes, we need to consider public safety when setting bonds but there are systems in place to accomplish that end.

Should judges be elected? Why or why not? If not, how do you think judges should be chosen?

This is a great question and I have heard non-lawyers debate the issue of election versus appointment. I believe the election system offers the best opportunity for any person to achieve the dream of becoming a judge. In my opinion, it is the most fair. Let the citizens, who we serve, make the decision.

Cuyahoga County has programs to give people a chance to avoid conviction and jail for certain crimes. How well do you think these programs work? Would you like to see any other kinds of programs?

I find that these programs do work and provide great resolutions for many. I would be open to any programming that offers a person an opportunity to do better where such an option exists.

How would you grapple with handing down a decision that would upset a victim or their family, or a defendant or their family?

Frankly, it will be part of the job. In some instances a very difficult part of the job. I will have to trust that my decision is fair, impartial and just.