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Submitted 12:44 p.m. EDT
Letter to the Editor

Both prisoners and ex-prisoners...must receive 100 percent of their constitutional rights. ”

Lee Wood

The 1787 United States Constitutional Convention gave rise to the Three-Fifths Compromise count of chattel slaves as three-fifths of a human being. This compromise was reached between delegates from southern and northern states.

Today, a similar compromise exists wherein states receiving federal taxes, count prisoners as 100 percent human population, 100 percent for political representation in specific geographical districts; and, as 100 percent slaves of the state wherein prisoners and ex-prisoners are completely denied their constitutional, human, citizenship, and labor rights.

Both prisoners and ex-prisoners, if counted as 100 percent human being resident citizens of any state, must receive 100 percent of their constitutional rights. These rights include: freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, due process and equal protection, the right not to be a slave, and the right to vote.

All social welfare benefits must be extended to both prisoners and ex-prisoners if states receive federal funds for these populations, including: food stamps, housing, employment, education, medical/dental, and transportation. States unwilling to comply need to both be denied federal funding and political representation for these inside and outside populations; and to be prosecuted for voter and tax fraud.

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