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November, 2016

8 Ways Jeff Sessions Could Change Criminal Justice
A Look at this Year’s Soft-on-Crime Attack Ads
A Primer on Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Pick for Attorney General
In Attica, Guards Like Trump and Prisoners Like Clinton
Inmates Say They Paid a Bloody Price for a Guard's Injury
Law and Order Trumps Reform
My Daughter Died After Spending Four Days in Jail
Outside Groups Set Spending Record in Judicial Races
The Crucial Immigration Case About to Hit the Supreme Court
The Death Penalty is Alive and Well
The Facts Matter to Us
These Prosecutors Campaigned for Less Jail Time — And Won
The States Where Voters Decided to Give Criminal Justice Reform a Try
What Trump’s Win Means for Chicago and Baltimore’s Cops
When the Star Witness Recants
When Your Cellmate is Mentally Ill
Who’s in Solitary Confinement?