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November, 2023

Aala Abdullahi Joins The Marshall Project as Engagement Reporter
After Nearly 40 Years Behind Bars, Ohio Man Pins Hopes on DNA Testing
A Warden Tried to Fix an Abusive Prison. He Faced Death Threats.
Being a Corrections Officer Is Hard Enough. Doing the Job While Pregnant Is a Nightmare.
Four Suicides in L.A. and the Mental Health Problem in Law Enforcement
In Ohio, Losing Your License Is Easy. Getting It Back Is Complicated.
New Data Shows Violent Crime Is Up… And Also Down.
Prison Is a Dangerous Place for LGBTQ+ People. I Made a Safe Space in the Library.
Supreme Court Takes on Gun Cases as State Laws Shift
The Prison Soul Band That Opened for Stevie Wonder
The Untold Story of How Crack Shaped the Justice System
They Were Prosecuted for Using Drugs While Pregnant. But It May Not Have Been a Crime
This Radio Show Connects People Behind Bars With the Outside World
Yes, It’s Getting Worse: New Data Shows Mass Shootings Are More Frequent