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December, 2023

‘A Crazy System’: How Arbitration Returns Abusive Guards to New York Prisons
Cleveland Focus
Computer Book Bans and Other Insights From a Year Investigating Prison Censorship
Cuyahoga County Jail Shows People the Door, Offers Little Else to Aid Reentry
DNA Testing Refutes Ohio Man’s Claim of Innocence
Doug Livingston Joins The Marshall Project - Cleveland as Staff Writer
How We Investigated Abusive Prison Guards Getting Their Jobs Back in New York
I ‘Stood My Ground’ — but It Was the Police Raiding My House
Lost Your License in Ohio Due to Debt? A New State Bill Might Fix That
More to Explore in Expanded News Inside
Old-School Hair Analysis Is Junk Science. But It Still Keeps People Behind Bars
Pregnant Women in South Carolina Face Severe Consequences for Using Drugs
Some of Our Best Work of 2023
The Court Ruling Jacob Wideman Was Waiting For
The Marshall Project Partners With DocumentCloud for Upgraded Klaxon Site-Monitoring Tool
The Mercy Workers, Illustrated
What Bodycams Tell Us About the Challenges of Policing the Police
What’s a Hate Crime? Depends on Where You Live
What the End of Roe Looks Like in Real Time