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May, 2024

A Legal Doctrine That Shields Police From Many Lawsuits May Be Losing Support
A Rare Bright Spot for a Canine Lover Doing Time: Raising Puppies to Become Service Dogs
Dozens Jailed Without Lawyers in One Mississippi County
‘I Can’t Breathe,’ Man Tells Canton Police Before Dying
Inside the Promise and Plight of Black Cops in Cleveland
In This Police Youth Program, a Trail of Sexual Abuse Across the U.S.
I Recorded a Whole Hip-Hop Album on a Death Row Telephone
Lawmakers Save Parole, Punt on Fixing Youth Court
Mississippi Lawmakers Considered Modest Public Defense Reforms. They Rejected All of Them.
Out of the Blue: The Rise and Fall of a Black Cop
Police Tactics at Some Pro-Palestine Protests Ignore Past Lessons
Susan Chira to Step Down as The Marshall Project’s Editor-in-Chief in January
The Marshall Project Is Investigating Police Explorer Programs. We Want to Hear From You.
The Marshall Project Wins Prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Criminal Justice
The Marshall Project Wins the Dart Award for “The Mercy Workers”
Weinstein Ruling Poses Quandary: Can #MeToo Coexist With Protections for Defendants?
When Bad Cops Become Private Security Guards