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Lawrence Bartley is the Director of “News Inside” for The Marshall Project. He holds an advanced degree in Professional Studies from New York Theological Seminary and a B.S. from Mercy College. He serves as a Board of Directors member for Prisoner Legal Services and Rehabilitation Through the Arts. He also serves on the advisory board for the Parole Preparation Project and Panacea Video. Previously, Lawrence co-founded Forgotten Voices and its successor Voices From Within, which highlights remorse, redemption and alters perception through video presentations. Lawrence is an accomplished public speaker and has provided multimedia content for the NY Emmy-winning three-part series “Drama in the Big House", NPR’s “All Things Considered,” WNYC’s Death, Sex and Money podcast, and his “Power of a Parents Voice” TED talk. Wipf and Stock, The Marshall Project and Vice have published his writing.
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Coronavirus April 7
“If there’s one thing people who spent a long time in prison have acquired, it’s the ability to adapt.”
Election 2020 March 12
Respondents who’ve spent decades behind bars were more politically engaged than their peers, but they’re also the most cynical.
Election 2020 March 12
Many incarcerated white people said they'd re-elect the president—if given the chance.
Election 2020 March 11
More than 8,000 people responded to a first-of-its-kind political survey. Here is what they said.
Election 2020 March 11
We asked incarcerated people to weigh in on the biggest issue facing the country today. Here is what they said.
News Inside February 4
In the runup to the 2020 presidential election, our latest issue of News Inside explores the political opinions of incarcerated people.
News Inside October 24, 2019
The second edition of The Marshall Project's print publication explores the concept of freedom: mental, physical and spiritual.
News Inside March 28, 2019
The Marshall Project launches a print publication that will be distributed in prisons and jails.
Life Inside April 26, 2018
“With my new lease on life, I still remember the one I took.”