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Police officers, lawyers, inmates, and others answer our questions.
An Oklahoma corrections officer on the stress and danger of understaffing, and why each inmate should be given a joint twice a day.
A 32-year-old woman on what it’s like being engaged to someone serving a life sentence, long-distance romantic gestures, and the cost of each visit.
A New York City cop of over 20 years on the media’s ignorance, the benefits of stop-and-frisk, and why he wishes he could live in New Jersey.
Daniel Luke, a 45-year-old former inmate from Oregon, on his time behind bars and what he struggles with now that he’s out.
Asked and Answered January 22
A New York parole officer on GPS monitoring, the biggest challenges facing former inmates, and whether parole makes a difference.
Asked and Answered January 6
A Texas prosecutor on drug laws, jury bias, and the worst part of his job.
Asked and Answered December 12
An Ohio cop of 17 years on drug laws, body cameras, and the police’s race problem.
Asked and Answered November 20
What can Charles Manson’s fiancee expect? The experience of this inmate’s wife offers some clues.