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Feature December 9
Prisoners, guards face danger from chronic understaffing by MTC
Feature February 20, 2020
Too many prisoners, too few officers leads to violence.
Analysis January 9
A tip led us to a little-known program that affected hundreds of poor workers.
Feature January 9
How the state’s “restitution program” forces poor people to work off small debts.
News January 8
Understaffing, powerful gangs and constant lockdowns brew tensions that exploded last week.
Feature June 26, 2019
What happened in Mississippi when no one wanted dangerous, low-paying guard jobs.
Feature July 13, 2018
A unique database offered an unprecedented look at the lucrative business.
Feature July 13, 2018
But a haven for bail bondsmen is getting less friendly.
News February 7, 2018
Congressional hopeful, district attorney, debt collector.
Feature January 3, 2017
Researching lynching cold cases, law students restore history.