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The criminal justice system, captured.
The Frame October 7
“Oh, Mother of Mine,” a short documentary and photography project by Anna Rawls, explores the generational impact of incarcerating mothers.
The Frame August 3
La fotógrafa, artista y antropóloga Cinthya Santos-Briones colabora con inmigrantes ex reclusos para arrojar luz sobre la insular “arquitectura del castigo” en Nueva Jersey.
The Frame July 14
Photographer, artist and anthropologist Cinthya Santos-Briones partners with formerly detained immigrants to shine a light on the insular “architecture of punishment” in New Jersey.
A still from the documentary, "Philly D.A.", of Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, with his team.
The Frame June 5
A documentary examines the Philadelphia prosecutor’s efforts to bring about criminal justice reform — and the pushback he’s received along the way.
“Untitled #53,” North Little Rock, AR
The Frame March 22
Jon Henry's photography project seeks to convey the impact of police violence on Black families.
At the MoMA PS1 exhibit "Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration," artist Gilberto Rivera shows Helena Huang of the Art for Justice Fund his 2012 work "An Institutional Nightmare."
The Frame March 15
On exhibit at MoMA PS1, “Marking Time: Art in the Age of Incarceration” is a rich exploration of how artists adapt to limited materials and endless time.
The Frame June 13, 2020
“The Writing on the Wall” art installation lets incarcerated people speak for themselves.
The Frame June 3, 2020
Some of the city’s most famous streets, emptied by the pandemic, fill with demonstrators and police in riot gear.
Tammara McCoy, who is currently serving her time at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, posed for a portrait with her daughter, Tayla Escobar, her sons, Timeek McCoy and Tasir Brown, and Tayla’s 4-year-old, Truly.
The Frame December 24, 2019
Tammara McCoy’s three children—and her 4-year-old granddaughter—trekked to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility to celebrate the holidays with her. An intimate look at their bittersweet visit.
The Frame November 25, 2019
French artist JR worked with California prisoners to create his latest installation.