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Luis Bracamontes smirked as a jury in Sacramento, California, found him guilty of killing two sheriff's officers in 2014.

Five Lies In Trump’s Favorite Campaign Ad

Several reasons why the Luis Bracamontes video is grossly misleading or just plain false.

The prosecutor in the murder trial in Sacramento of Luis Monroy Bracamontes said, “He is pure evil.” During his trial for the killings on Oct. 24, 2014, of two sheriff’s deputies, Danny Oliver and Michael Davis, Jr., Bracamontes did nothing to disprove that claim. He sneered and yelled profane insults at family members of the victims. He shouted a racial slur at Anthony Holmes, a surviving victim whom Bracamontes shot five times to steal his car. He greeted the jury’s swift verdict on April 25 sentencing him to death with a blood-chilling smile. He said his only regret was not killing more police.

Bracamontes, who is from Mexico, is currently awaiting his penalty on death row in San Quentin.

But this murderer became newly notorious Thursday when President Trump tweeted a video splicing together images of his vicious courtroom outbursts with footage of the migrant caravan in southern Mexico, writing, “It’s outrageous what Democrats are doing to our country.” The video says Democrats “let him in” and “let him stay.”

Here are five reasons why the president’s video is grossly misleading or just plain false. It is fear-mongering propaganda at its most crude.

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