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We want everyone — from other news outlets to nonprofits to individuals — to publish and distribute our work.

Over the past year, The Marshall Project has been investigating Cuyahoga County’s criminal courts, where thousands of people have their felony cases heard by common pleas judges. This project, which we call Testify, examines the sweeping power that these judges have over people’s lives, and shows how voting patterns have resulted in mostly White judges deciding the fate of mostly Black criminal defendants.

Now, we want as many people as possible to read our stories, which we will roll out over the coming months. News organizations, NGOs, neighborhood groups, and individuals are welcome to reprint our stories (listed below). All that we ask is for you to include the following credit line:

This story is published in partnership with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit newsroom covering the U.S. criminal justice system. You can learn more about Testify or subscribe to follow our Cleveland reporting here.

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Feature story: Who’s Electing Judges in the Cleveland Area? Not Those Ensnared in the System

Voices of Cleveland: We Asked People in Cleveland What They Want to Know About Judges

Visual Explainer: Our guide explains who votes, who doesn’t — and why.
You can also download and print a PDF of the visual explainer here.

Methodology: How We Reported on Voting and Criminal Courts in Cuyahoga County


All of the photos, illustrations, and data visualizations used in the pieces can be downloaded for use here.

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Images and suggested captions for social media can be downloaded for use here.

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Testify is The Marshall Project’s investigation into Cuyahoga County’s Criminal Courts. Learn more about this project and how to contact us directly. Have questions? Attend our office hours on Feb. 3 or Feb. 8.