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Inside Story · Filed 12:00 p.m.

Police Shootings in Rural America

We investigate police shootings in rural areas and speak with music executive Jason Flom about his work with people who were wrongfully convicted.

Inside Story examines little-publicized shootings by police in rural America, where the incidents are rarely captured on video and many officers don’t wear body cameras.

Host Lawrence Bartley talks with music industry executive Jason Flom about his advocacy for wrongfully convicted people and the development of his “Wrongful Conviction” podcast.

We hear from Dr. Stanley Andrisse, whose path to becoming an endocrinologist began in prison. Andrisse shares words of encouragement on finding a path for those still on the inside.

Bartley asks viewers to consider the disparity in how police and the public are treated for violent acts.

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Alysia Santo, Leslie Eaton


Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

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