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News March 4
Critics say a new policy for police encounters with children doesn’t go far enough.
Feature February 11
The federal agency’s teams have killed an average of 22 suspects and bystanders a year.
News July 31, 2020
Critics say mayors should be wary as the Justice Department expands law-enforcement task forces.
News August 19, 2019
Signing a new law on police shootings, Gavin Newsom says he’s sending a message.
Feature September 17, 2018
For some cops, offering a hand could mean losing your job.
Justice Lab October 12, 2016
Training cops in the use of force.
Analysis May 15, 2016
And the government can’t either.
Commentary June 9, 2015
Former corrections chief Martin Horn has some ideas for Rikers Island.
Justice Lab January 26, 2015
Does tear gas belong in schools? Do police?