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Reports to the director of technology
Remote-friendly; our headquarters are in New York City

The Marshall Project is seeking a talented full stack developer to join the newsroom team that makes our award-winning journalism possible.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization focused on the U.S. criminal justice system. We produce investigative and explanatory journalism about law enforcement, immigration, courts, incarceration and reentry. To reach a wider audience, we share our work with local and national news outlets — more than 200 so far. We also publish a daily roundup of news and commentary from around the country, and a weekly feature, “Life Inside,” that publishes the writing of people entangled in the machinery of criminal justice. In addition, we produce larger series such as Mauled and The Language Project.

Research shows that underrepresented applicants tend to downplay their qualifications. What's more important to us than a number of years are the experiences you've had and the expertise you've developed. This is not an entry-level position, and we are looking for someone with practical and practiced skills. However, whether you have 4 years, or only 2 years of nontraditional working experience, if you think you'd be a good fit, please apply.


  • Strong knowledge of semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Experience with a web framework such as Django, Express, or (ideally) Ruby on Rails

  • Fluency with the command line and Git

  • A commitment to building an inclusive and thoughtful workplace

We'd be particularly delighted to hire someone who has:

  • Interest in the criminal justice system, including personal or family experience of incarceration

  • Experience developing, deploying or managing a production web service (Heroku, AWS, etc.)

  • Experience dealing with SQL databases

  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as React and visualization libraries like D3

  • Experience with Sketch, Figma, or similar software

  • Good writing skills

  • Experience working in a newsroom

If you don’t have this exact combination of skills, that’s fine. Let us know what your strengths are, and tell us about other skills you have that we didn’t ask about that you think will help our newsroom’s efforts.

Most importantly, you:

  • Are curious, thoughtful, and critical

  • Excel at collaborating with people with a wide range of talents

  • Enjoy learning and teaching in equal measure

  • Have informed opinions on your craft, and a willingness to both take feedback and advocate for the integrity of your work

  • Are comfortable taking on ownership and responsibility

Typical examples of what your work might look like:

  • Develop reusable story templates for Southside, a collection of stories about criminal justice in Chicago.

  • Develop a model for recommending related stories to readers who have just finished a story on our site.

  • Come up with clever ways of improving the workflow we use to turn Google Docs drafts into beautiful story pages.

  • Figure out a way to make words obey the laws of physics.

  • Develop a system for a spreadsheet-backed CMS for a particularly complicated project.

  • Brainstorm ways to improve The Record, our encyclopedic resource of criminal justice journalism across the web, to better reach an audience of people who are new to the subject.

  • Develop a reusable slideshow component that our reporters can use to enhance their stories, making sure it works on every platform and device.

  • Collaborate with a designer to find the best way to render a heartbreaking feature story about restorative justice visually.

Just a few of the wonderful people you will work with:

Gabe Isman: Director of Technology, custodian of codebases, baker of bread, and your humble manager.

Elan Kiderman: Director of Product, Photoshop bandit, parent to one large dog and one tiny baby.

Katie Park: Developer on paper, but also designer, reporter, pop star, coffee critic. What can't she do?

Bo-Won Keum: The most recent addition to our product team, whose gorgeous designs are already stacking up.

Celina Fang: Senior Multimedia Editor who hires and manages all story artwork and will ask you how you are doing every day without fail.

Setareh Baig: Audience Editor, ruler of platforms, queen of analytics, all-around excellent human.

David Eads: Data Editor extraordinaire, along with the rest of the data team — Anna Flagg, Tom Meagher, Weihua Li, and Andrew Calderon — who are always in the mood to collaborate.

A list of brilliant reporters, editors, and business staff that is too long to recite here.

Who we are

The Marshall Project is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to covering America’s criminal justice system. In 2016, The Marshall Project was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It has also been honored with the prestigious World’s Best award from the Society for News Design and the Best Website Ellie from the American Society of Magazine Editors.

We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes qualified applicants of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, genders and sexual orientations, including people who have been incarcerated.

To apply, use this form to send a cover letter, resume and portfolio of work (GitHub links are fine!).

The deadline to submit an application is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on June 13.