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Submitted 12:00 p.m.
Letter to the Editor

As for solutions I have one word: data. ”

Daniel Luke of Portland, Oregon

Lord help us. Wilkinson despairs that Bright didn't find anything positive to comment on, as if that were the point. I hear that even the North Koreans offer the soon-to-be-executed a cigarette. I suppose it's a considerate gesture, but that doesn't make their system any better.

Wilkinson: "Once again, it is all well and good to rail against this or that feature of the criminal justice system, but what exactly are the cures? And why would they not be worse than the disease?"

Yes, sometimes a solution can make a problem worse, but since when is that an argument against solutions? As for solutions I have one word: data. Bring data into "Justice" the way it was brought into baseball viz moneyball. Right now on one knows anything unless twenty people from the MP go after someone like Bonner. All of this stuff should be tracked as a matter of course.

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