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Fresh context, analysis, and perspective on the world of criminal justice.
Commentary August 20
Denying voting rights to people with felony convictions has roots in racist laws.
Commentary August 15
Journalists expose systems that don’t work, and officials often agree.
Commentary August 14
Accused priests face church-imposed “prayer and penance,” but not courts.
Commentary August 13
Hazardous conditions undermine the benefits of early work release.
Commentary August 9
Spike Lee’s Hero is Not the First Black Person to Breach the Klan — Or the Most Effective.
Commentary August 2
Fewer calls on opioid abuse may mean sicker, and more dangerous, rural communities.
Commentary July 30
Isolation leaves lasting marks beyond incarceration
Commentary July 13
Post-Ferguson, St. Louis County courts initiate reforms, but bail hasn’t yet gone away.
Commentary July 11
Advocates say prison phone companies’ merger diminishes competition
Commentary July 3
Had British authorities and their soldiers exercised de-escalation tactics, would the United States exist today?