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Andrew Cohen is a senior editor. He oversees the site’s analysis and helps provide daily coverage of legal events and issues. A recovering attorney, he is the legal analyst for 60 Minutes and CBS Radio News, a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice, and a contributing editor at The Atlantic.
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Case in Point August 8
A Massachusetts case suggests a different way of judging evidence.
Case in Point July 17
Under “qualified immunity,” often no one.
Case in Point June 12
The Jerry Hartfield case is an extraordinary tale of justice delayed and denied.
Case in Point May 22
Thomas Edward Clardy and the trial after the trial.
News May 10
Here’s what you need to know about the “Tuesday Night Massacre.”
Case in Point April 24
The strange case of a convicted killer whose “victim” probably died of her own drug overdose.
Case in Point April 10
...and the detective she says cooked the case.
Case in Point March 20
Did the subject invoke his right to remain silent?
Case in Point March 6
A case that tests corporate liability for chaos.
Case in Point February 20
Lester Packingham’s Facebook post is headed for the Supreme Court
Analysis January 31
Trump’s nominee has the ideology without the temper.
Case in Point January 23
The last six days of Elliott Earl Williams.
Analysis January 10
Senator laments a “corrosion of respect” for police in first day of testimony centered on crime and punishment.
Case in Point January 9
Alabama never forgave Phillip Chance for running away.
Case in Point December 19
The case of Clifton Harvin pits judges against judges.
Case in Point December 5
The case that awakened us to the mental health trauma of “Supermax”
Analysis November 18
An extensive record as a prosecutor and a senator gives some hints of what to expect.
Case in Point November 14
The evidence against Rodney Lincoln has evaporated, but the courts say he’s out of luck.
Crime on the Ballot November 9
Voters in three states approve measures to strengthen capital punishment.
Case in Point October 24
Ex-prisoners challenge a law that lets local bureaucrats judge “moral turpitude.”
Crime on the Ballot October 19
Nebraska, Oklahoma, and California will test the prospects of abolition.
Case in Point September 26
Percell Warren and Nathaniel Epps died while fighting a rape conviction — but their battle still goes on.
Case in Point September 22
In Pennsylvania, the heart of solitary confinement reform, an intellectually disabled inmate says he’s been held in wretched isolation for 36 years.
Case in Point September 12
William Palmer was “severely mentally impaired” when he clashed with police. Should that matter?
Case in Point August 29
So George Gage sits in prison. And guess what happened to the prosecutor.
Case in Point August 15
Suppose a judge decides not to decide. For five years.
Analysis August 1
A judicial committee proposes more secrecy.
Case in Point July 18
It’s more common than you think.
Case in Point June 19
Is that fair? The U.S. Supreme Court could soon decide.
Analysis June 13
The oddest fallout from the Stanford sexual assault
Commentary June 9
How Terrance Williams became the face of the death penalty debate in Pennsylvania.
Analysis May 24
The state constitution is pretty clear, says a man who helped draft it.
Case in Point May 22
Someone else has confessed. The DNA evidence points elsewhere. What does it take to get off death row?
In a notorious Louisiana case, a judge gets in a last kick.
Quiz April 10
Take our quiz on juror bias.
Commentary March 28
The South Carolina prosecutor is known as ‘Death Penalty Donnie.’
Commentary March 8
Remembering Robert Knott, a case the Justice Department would rather you forget
Q&A February 21
After 42 years in solitary, Albert Woodfox walks free.
News January 25
The Montgomery ruling says juveniles sentenced to life without parole must get a shot at a new sentence or parole.
Analysis January 12
The U.S. Supreme Court says state judges cannot sentence death without a jury’s mandate
Commentary December 21
Three themes that will trend, three that won’t
Commentary October 23
Other voices from the criminal justice community weigh in.
Analysis September 25
When courts “de-publish” rulings to limit their impact.
News September 10
An Alabama man, wrongfully convicted, overcomes a judicial override to gain his freedom.
Commentary September 3
People from across the political spectrum suggest criminal justice reforms the president should enact during his remaining time in office.
The Rules August 14
Maintaining courtroom decorum the old-fashioned way.
Analysis August 12
Suddenly it’s not a crime problem, it’s a health problem.
Analysis July 29
Representing an avowed racist, a champion of racial justice.
Analysis July 15
A closer look at the president’s speech on criminal justice reform.
Analysis July 13
But Congress is the place to watch.
Analysis June 29
And a blazing battle over the death penalty itself.
News June 22
Selected news and comment from this morning’s Opening Statement.
Commentary June 2
A psychiatrist analyzes the notebook of James Holmes.
Feature June 1
Three states, three ways to kill a human being.
News May 12
With jails filling up, right to counsel gains favor.
News May 7
A tough, new report says it’s time for federal prisons to release the elderly and infirm.
News April 29
High Court’s conservatives bridle at ‘guerilla’ tactics of ‘abolitionist’ movement.
News April 28
A brief, aggregated history of the Baltimore police commissioner at the eye of the storm.
News April 24
A forensic whistleblower on the latest scandal.
Life Inside April 22
One inmate’s unexpurgated version of life in a Mississippi prison
News April 14
One by a nervous kid. One by a self-styled hit man. A Detroit whodunnit.
Q&A April 7
On the eve of deliberations over the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a juror in the Timothy McVeigh trial looks back.
News April 6
In time for closing arguments, ten pieces to catch you up.
Commentary March 30
What a battle between a Mississippi judge and a group of public defenders tells us about the state of indigent defense.
Commentary March 19
Georgia has become the laboratory of criminal justice reform.
Commentary March 2
On the 10th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision about juveniles and the death penalty, what has really changed?
Commentary February 19
In the case of this wrongfully convicted man, Louisiana says $0.00.
News January 28
A selective guide to the reporting on the next attorney general.
News January 20
Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech.
Commentary December 17
A close look at the L.A. County Jail settlement
News December 16
A brief modern history of racially motivated murder.
News December 13
The sweet spot in criminal justice reform.
News December 12
When the threat of a white jury is an interrogation tool.
Commentary December 9
Feds announce new racial profiling rules — and local police yawn
News December 4
Reckoning with the great justice divide.
News December 3
Some questions and answers about the city’s new mental health initiative.
News November 26
What to read in the aftermath.
News November 25
10 must-reads from coverage of the decision, and the protests.
News November 21
Tales from a week of overturned convictions.
Commentary November 21
A debate between Judge Harvie Wilkinson III and Stephen Bright.
News November 18
New numbers from 28 states suggest otherwise.
News November 17
A grand jury's secret, thankless ordeal.
News November 17
Crowded cells, aging inmates, soaring costs.