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The Marshall Project examines a single case or character that sheds light on the criminal justice system.
Case in Point December 11, 2019
Louisiana automatically rejected appeals from prisoners who represented themselves. One prisoner hoped the Supreme Court would consider his conviction in the light of that scandal.
Case in Point November 18, 2019
If William Palmer wins in court, thousands could get closer to exiting California prisons.
Case in Point September 17, 2019
How Lezmond Mitchell became the only Native American on federal death row.
Case in Point July 19, 2019
His co-defendant was acquitted based on new evidence, but prosecutors are still fighting to keep Andrew Krivak in prison.
Case in Point June 6, 2019
A Pennsylvania case illustrates a national problem: People with psychiatric illnesses often remain incarcerated while they wait for a hospital bed.
Case in Point May 30, 2019
An Oklahoma case raises issues about both felony murder charges and high-speed police pursuits.
Case in Point April 17, 2019
A South Dakota case reflects the national debate on whether execution should be banned for the mentally ill.
Case in Point March 18, 2019
North Carolina judge denies testing in a 1992 murder case, but lawyers want shell casings examined.
Case in Point February 28, 2019
A capital case in Alabama raises the question: are you entitled to a conflict-free lawyer?
Case in Point February 13, 2019
A California court case could unravel decades of police secrecy.