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Gerald Pizzuto Jr., circa 2000.
“I don’t understand trying to kill somebody who is already dying,” says the sister of Idaho death-row prisoner Gerald Pizzuto.
From left, Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin McDugle, Texas state Rep. Jeff Leach and South Dakota state Sen. Arthur Rusch have filed bills to reform the death penalty in their states.
Death Sentences April 15
A growing number of conservative lawmakers want to overhaul capital punishment, or end it.
Death Sentences February 10
The Marshall Project tracked every execution in America for more than five years. For condemned people, the path to death grew longer, more winding and erratic.
An officer outside the the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, where the federal government was preparing to execute Daniel Lewis Lee in July 2020.
Death Sentences January 14
Feds spent millions to restart the death penalty and in the process revealed much about how they do it.
Lisa Montgomery, scheduled to be executed on Jan. 12, endured repeated abuse and trauma as a child, much like many of the people who have been executed in the United States.
Death Sentences January 8
Mental illness, childhood abuse and brain injuries affect a large share of those who face the death penalty.
Life Inside July 16, 2020
Days before Daniel Lewis Lee became the first federal prisoner executed in 17 years, fellow death row resident Billie J. Allen wrote about the shared terror of wondering who’s next.
The Justice Department plans to execute Lezmond Mitchell at Terre Haute Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Case in Point September 17, 2019
How Lezmond Mitchell became the only Native American on federal death row.
Life Inside April 25, 2019
“It was as though a small part of me died with each execution.”
Case in Point April 17, 2019
A South Dakota case reflects the national debate on whether execution should be banned for the mentally ill.
Feature January 6, 2019
More than a year ago, Nevada death row prisoner Scott Dozier gave up his legal appeals and asked to be executed. He’s still waiting.