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The Frame July 14
Photographer, artist and anthropologist Cinthya Santos-Briones partners with formerly detained immigrants to shine a light on the insular “architecture of punishment” in New Jersey.
Jason Rochester talks to his wife and son over Facetime. Lynsey Weatherspoon for The Marshall Project
News June 29
The Biden administration will review thousands of deportations, permitting some immigrants back into the U.S.
News January 28
Some 26,000 immigrant children who claim abuse, neglect or abandonment must remain effectively undocumented for years, despite being eligible for green cards.
Analysis October 30, 2020
U.S. Customs and Border Protection carried out almost half a million child detentions during the Trump administration, data shows. More kids were held for 72 hours or more.
Feature August 11, 2020
A Marshall Project / FRONTLINE film that follows an undocumented family’s struggle to survive homelessness, immigrant detention and a rapidly spreading virus.
Feature July 10, 2020
An investigation reveals how Immigration and Customs Enforcement became a domestic and global spreader of COVID-19.
People slept wrapped in blankets in front of the Otay border crossing in Tijuana in May. The U.S. government decided to limit the opening hours of the border crossing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and many commuters sleep for hours on the Mexican side of the border to get to work on time in the morning.
Analysis July 9, 2020
A task force designed to forge unity and turn out Sanders voters proposes ambitious rollback of Trump policies.
Esperanza Pacheco, who was deported to Mexico in 2017, hugs the clothes that her husband, Eusebio Moctezuma, left after a recent visit with her in León, Guanajuato. Eusebio is a legal permanent resident in the United States who can travel back and forth to Mexico.
Feature June 22, 2020
Even after the Supreme Court ruling sparing DACA, many immigrants can face deportation. Here are the stories of three families where deportation brought financial ruin, mental health crises—and even death.
The Cayuga Centers in Harlem, pictured here in 2018, places unaccompanied children in foster-care families and has reported two staff members testing positive for COVID-19.
Coronavirus April 10, 2020
Trump administration presses on with court proceedings, rebuffing pleas from attorneys and advocates.
Salomón Medina-Calderón is being detained for Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Yuba County Jail in Marysville, Calif.
Coronavirus April 8, 2020
Medically vulnerable immigrants in ICE detention sue for release before coronavirus arrives.