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News March 28
Even after the high-profile death of Kalief Browder, jails in the rest of the state routinely isolate juveniles.
News January 7
A California county will issue refunds to parents wrongly billed for their kids’ incarceration.
Life Inside December 7, 2017
A “baby-faced kid” comes of age while incarcerated.
News October 11, 2017
The change comes months after a Marshall Project investigation.
Life Inside August 3, 2017
A Yale Law School graduate speaks to young incarcerated people and faces his own past.
News August 1, 2017
Recent rulings in a half-dozen states signal new momentum.
News April 14, 2017
Thousands of juveniles could still head right to adult court.
News March 3, 2017
The announcement comes just hours after we highlighted the practice.
News March 2, 2017
For 40 years, many parents have had to pay for their children's incarceration, but that may be changing.
News February 12, 2017
Suggestions from the people who know juvenile detention best.
Commentary January 24, 2017
Lesson One: Don’t make policies when emotions are running high.
Analysis January 27, 2016
Obama takes bold action, but for a population of fewer than 30
Commentary December 22, 2015
“In my five years running the Washington system, I never saw one white youth in my correctional facility.”
Justice Lab November 18, 2015
The race gap for adults is shrinking. Why is it widening for juveniles?
Feature November 11, 2015
Isolation rooms and paddling: What some schools in the South are doing to keep students in line.
The Frame July 21, 2015
Criminal justice through the lens of Joe Rodriguez.
News June 25, 2015
Age restriction would be toughest in the nation.
Feature June 11, 2015
What happens when prisoners go from complete isolation to complete freedom in a day?
News June 2, 2015
The rule says no solitary for kids. The staff finds a loophole.
News March 24, 2015
It’s Florida, hands down.
News January 20, 2015
Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech.
The Frame December 8, 2014
Photographer Zora Murff reveals what it’s like to be a kid in the system.
Life Inside November 15, 2014
An aging bank robber faces the end.