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News September 26
The North Carolina bar says he fleeced two mentally disabled brothers.
News July 18
Civil representation is too expensive for many, but Washington state has one solution
News April 20
The North Carolina State Bar probes Patrick Megaro.
Feature April 7
Two brothers did 31 years for someone else’s crime. Then things went bad.
Feature February 28
After nearly a decade in detention, Haroon Gul believed he had a chance at freedom. Then came President Trump.
News July 5, 2017
As a federal program grows, more mentally ill immigrants have access to attorneys.
Commentary April 17, 2017
A prosecutor on what his wife, a defense attorney, taught him about justice.
Graphics January 31, 2017
Hundreds of thousands of people from seven barred nations live in all parts of the U.S.
Feature September 7, 2016
Massive caseloads, long wait lists, group plea deals, and other realities of a funding crisis.
News June 22, 2016
When being innocent isn’t enough, you need Jon Eldan.